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5-Star Concierge Service

Roof Force upholds a heritage of service and community involvement in the Houston area. From it’s beginning, when founder Tony Steele worked weekends on roofing jobs to pay for college, until today, Roof Force has always lived by customer-first values providing 5-Star concierge service imparted by work in the hospitality industry and a spirit of service gained from active duty in the US Airforce. 

Special Experience and Know-How

Only a roofing company with years of experience on flat roof projects should be trusted to work on your building needs. Roof Force possesses that experience and is equipped to handle TPO roofing and other preferred forms of flat roofing.

Roof Force knows how to install TPO materials to your commercial structure. Our TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing consists of a strong, moisture resistant membrane reinforced with a polyester fabric. It’s manufactured to protect against the Sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, as well.

Doing great work for commercial projects calls for a high level of discipline, professionalism, documentation, budget management and communication with stakeholders.  Having worked on commercial projects in the hospitality sector and beyond, Roof Force knows how to manage commercial projects that fulfill your goals for quality, durability, low maintenance, cost control, and aesthetic appeal.


Is it Time for a NEW ROOF?

Water damage is bad anywhere, but in a commercial building scenario, leaks from a malfunctioning roof system can mean computer equipment damage, loss of critical business data, and even temporary business shut-downs. Stained drop-ceilings, interior mildew development, drips misdiagnosed as AC vent condensation and other moisture-related intrusions require a commercial roof inspection ASAP.

Using technology including drones and other aerial overhead imagery, Roof Force can surveil issues quickly. Aging flat or sloped roofing with cracks, loss of protective coatings, dislodged or corroded flashing, rust around roof penetrations and deterioration of the hardware that anchors objects like AC/HVAC equipment to your commercial roof can be moisture intrusion points.  

Commercial roof repair in Houston

Commercial Roof Inspections

Let Roof Force perform professional roof inspections on a regular basis to identify developing problems and prevent water damage. Proper roof condition monitoring and maintenance can avoid major headaches to your commercial operation or unlivable conditions in your multi-family housing structure.

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When you hire a highly professional roofing specialist like Roof Force, you know the job will be done right… the first time, every time.

We follow a careful process in each roof repair and installation we do. We make sure that what goes on your roof is an impenetrable, multi-layer system using the best materials available. A roof by Roof Force will resist moisture intrusion for years to come. Our reputation and your well being is at stake and we take that responsibility very seriously.