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Roof Force upholds a heritage of service and community involvement in the Houston area. From it’s beginning, when founder Tony Steele worked weekends on roofing jobs to pay for college, until today, Roof Force has always lived by customer-first values providing 5-Star concierge service imparted by work in the hospitality industry and a spirit of service gained from active duty in the US Airforce. 

Rest Easy. Order a Professional Roof Inspection

Smart property owners know that the secret to a long lasting roof is proper roof maintenance. It’s not rocket science. Take care of a roof by keeping it clear of debris such as leaves and limbs; checking for minor damages and loose shingles or tiles; keeping gutters unclogged; making sure flashing around roof penetrations remains affixed and well sealed… these and other actions will effectively put off the need for a major repair or roof replacement. 

Manufacturers’ warranties are nice but they never cover owner neglect or acts of nature. So, keeping a roof in good shape saves time and money. Sure, as a home or business owner you can do your part to observe potential roof condition issues, however climbing atop a roof poses hazards. Having a professional roofing contractor like Roof Force is the only way to properly inspect a roof, identify emerging issues before they cause serious moisture damage, and have minor repairs performed to prevent major expenses, later.

  • Roof Force's SmartOwner™ Inspection

    Buying a home and want an honest assessment of a roof’s condition? Or, have you recently purchased a home and are curious about the condition of the roof? Our SmartOwner Inspection is made for you. It’s inexpensive and thorough!

  • DeepDive™ for Damage Inspection

    While a standard SmartOwner Inspection is suitable for roofs that might be showing some wear and tear, a DeepDive Inspection is recommended when a homeowner suspects damage, observes signs of water intrusion, or believes their roof was improperly installed. A Roof Force technician will take ample time looking at every component of the roof system. Photos and detailed notes will be shared with the owner. If conditions need to be addressed, Roof Force will explain the solution options and prepare a fair estimate for any repair or replacement work needed.

  • Roof Force Scheduled Maintenance Program

    Property owners have enough to think about. Roof worries should never be a burden. Let Roof Force do the worrying for you by checking on your roof annually. You pay one fee and leave the rest to us, including cleaning off your roof, clearing your gutters, fixing minor problems with loose flashing or extruding nails. It’s all included. Plus, if you ever need a repair specialist, we’ll waive the service fee and just charge you for materials and labor involved in any needed work. Here’s what’s included:

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When you hire a highly professional roofing specialist like Roof Force, you know the job will be done right… the first time, every time.

We follow a careful process in each roof repair and installation we do. We make sure that what goes on your roof is an impenetrable, multi-layer system using the best materials available. A roof by Roof Force will resist moisture intrusion for years to come. Our reputation and your well being is at stake and we take that responsibility very seriously.